Friday, 11 September 2015

21st Birthday Adventure

Afternoon everyone! 
Hope we are all doing well? 

If you read my last post you will know that I have been off for the past couple of days, the reason being my 21st Birthday! There was no way I was working that, and the extra day after too! 

The morning began with Mr. B driving us to Castleton where we spent the majority of the day mooching around the town in the sunshine, just the two of us. We stopped off at a lovely Called The Causeway Shop and had some lovely Ciabatta toasties, and also where a cricket decided to land on Mr. B's arm.

 I also got to open my present which was The Meringue Girls newest book, Everything Sweet! It's so good, I can't wait to get baking!

We then proceeded to walk from the town to the first cave which was The Peak Cavern, also known as The Devil's Arse. Though we didn't have enough to go in but was nice to have a walk up and chat. 

We then carried on and walked from there to Speedwell Cavern, which was a very nice picturesque walk. Then we started to walk from there too the other Cavern which was Treak Cliff, also known as Blue John Cavern, but just decided to walk back to the town as we wouldn't have enough time to get back home for the meal later on. 

Then later on, Mr. B and Jess came along for the family meal, to which they are practically family :) 
Went to a Mexican in Sheffield called Chiquitos, which serve the most beautiful food and cocktails imaginable, they are just amazing! Jess made me wear a sombrero! She's hiding next to me as I sip my Pina Colada haha


My wonderful mum and dad who have taught me pretty much everything I know! I am so thankful that they helped me be creative as a child as I don't think I would be doing my cakes, music, crochet or writing at all now. I hate to think how I would have turned out without them! 
I love them so much and I am so thankful to call them my parents and couldn't ask for a couple any better than these two! 

I love them both too the moon and back! 

Check out my new baby! My younger brother got it me, omg I am in love, it's just totally amazing and can't wait to get to grips with it more! It's so fun, made an amazing chocolate cheesecake in it this morning, THE BEST one I have don't yet and let me tell you, it makes a total difference in what mixer you have.  Goodbye handheld, hello standing beast! 

All in all, I had such an amazing birthday and past couple of days, they have been wonderful and filled with love and magic! I've been surrounded by everyone that I love and couldn't of asked for a better 21st Birthday. I may not have done much to some people, but has been one of the best birthday's ever. I am so thankful to everyone who came and who celebrated and wished me a happy birthday. 

I am also so thankful for Mr. B taking me to Castleton and just making it a wonderful time and a day I will never forget. Love him to pieces. It was truly beautiful and on such a lovely, sunny beautiful day! So a big thank you to my Mr. B!

Much love, 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cute Pastel Bunting

Afternoon all! 

Hope you are all enjoying the start of your weekend? 

I'm trying to get some crochet and time with Mr. B, before I go to work tomorrow. Not there for long though, then off Tuesday for college and Thursday and Friday for birthday shenanigans! Can't wait!! 21! Can't believe I'll be that old next week haha 

This is the bunting that I was on about in the last post that I was making for my mum, a substitute as I still haven't finished her blanket :/ Nearly done though! Should hopefully be finished before the end of the month! There's photo of the bunting up in the living room above the fireplace - not practical I know! It was only for the blog then it's going into the caravan! 
Beautiful photo of my dear Nan on the mantelpiece too, do miss her ever so much. 

Aren't they just beautiful? I really do love these colours together and the mint green colour is so gorgeous! Information below!

Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK - Iced Pink 
Patons Fab DK - Mint 
Patons Fab DK - White 


In the pattern it says to go to round 7 though I only went to round 6 as I felt that it was perfect size for the bay window on the caravan and didn't want them to be even bigger. I then used the blocking method - for the first time! And boy was I impressed, it makes a HUGE difference and from now on shall be doing it with all the other work and projects. It just made them look so neat and perfect. 

I popped them onto facebook and got so many comments I as so happy as a lot of heard work went into them and they we're so fun to make! I  have linked both patterns and the yarns I used above, so you can give it a go yourself. Both from Attic 24, although I don't know her personally, Lucy has the most colourful and wonderful patterns there is on the Internet, they are just perfect. If you are new, do go and give her a look or follow on Facebook as her patterns are so helpful and lovely!

I managed to add on the heart appliques without showing any seems on the back of the triangles which I am over the moon about as they look so neat and tidy!
I added a border of white double crochet around all 6 triangles to make them stand out and more uniform which I think just gives them those finishing touches! I then chained 10 stitches before and between the triangles and them joined them altogether on the chain with a double crochet. 

They're just so pretty and I love them to pieces, the colours, design everything! I will definitely be making these again, if you want to make them too go on over to Attic 24's site and discover all the  great and wonderful things Lucy has in store for you! 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

What I'm doing now

Afternoon everyone, 

how are we all feeling today? 

It's just a quick post as I've got so much to do (crochet wise) I also need to get back to the cake blog today and update some posts seeing as I've been straying away from it for a little bit. 

I'm happy to say that I'm currently off for a few days so there will be more posts coming this week, back on Sunday mind you. But then I'm off again for the 8th as I start back up at college again for my Second year of cake decorating! So excited, it's come round so quick! Will be so happy to get back, hope I've not forgot anything ;) 

Today consists of turning these 89 1st rounds...

Into these 2nd rounds, so I'm hoping to get as much done as possible! Though sadly, I've forgotten my darning needle and I'm running out of the Cream, so I can only complete so many squares, shall have to see if Mr. B can nip me up to the wool shop ;) I'm sure he will if I give him the petrol money haha 

I finished all the first rounds last night, together now; in total I have all 126 pieces, though there all at different stages. 

89 1st Rounds
23 2nd Rounds
4 3rd Rounds
10 Completed Squares. 

But I do have all the 126, so I don't have to make anymore at the moment, which is one thing ticked off the list. Hopefully if I get a load done today I will be able to possibly finish the whole thing this week! Ahh exciting times!

I'm then off again next week on the 10th - 11th as It's my birthday and I have plans to celebrate my 21st! An Asda chocolate birthday cake is in order, the same one as every year! It's so nice though!! Especially with some cream poured over a wedge :) 

Jess is hopefully coming around again next week for another Crochet Catch up, which will be nice. She's wanting to start a baby blanket too which is good! I made some bunting the other day for my mum to put up in the caravan, she loves it!

I will post more later but for now I need to get cracking on with stuff! 

Much love as always
Happy Crafting! 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Crochet Catch Up!

Hey everyone! 
How are we all? 

I meant to post this up a few days ago, but I've just been so busy that i haven't had the time! 

Last week one of my all time best friends came around, as she wanted me to teach her how to crochet, which I was more than happy to do. I went straight to the point and taught her how to make a Solid Granny Square straight away, which wasn't easy at first and she was adamant that she won't be able to do it....

But after the night, she ended up making 6! And now she's getting the hang of it and loving it, which I am so happy about!!

It was such a nice evening and night, filled with wine, laughs, films and a good old catch up with Crochet. She ended up staying over and we just chatted until really early hours which was nice, as I don't see her often and we we're so close growing up as kids. It was lovely!

Jess started making this lovely row of Double Crochet stitches, they're such lovely colours. Next stop is teaching how to change colours neatly and the Sunburst Granny Square! 

I can't wait! We're hopefully meeting up again for a 'Crochet Catch up' Next week after I've started my first day on my second year of college, cause I have the day of work, or I should do! Then I'm off for the 10th-11th as I've got my 21st and things planned, Can't wait! 

Bit dark - But Jess even crocheted my a chain bracelet! It's too cute, in my fave colour too! 

And there we have it, lesson one a success! 

I will post more soon, but I am going to crack on with some 1st rounds to finish off the 126 Sunburst Grannies, and then I'm at work in the day tomorrow *Cries* Will post some more tomorrow!

Much love 
Happy Crocheting!