Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Goodies!

Hello everyone!! 

A couple of days ago, my dad came home from work with a glorious parcel for me...

Behold! A lovely, pink Love Knitting parcel, I must say, the ordering and delivery service was brilliant, one of the best companies I have ordered from, probably on the same par as Cake Stuff, they both sure know how to get something to you and fast! 

In this lovely parcel, contained 6 lovely colours of yarn, perfect for a new project that I will be starting soon! You all remember when I mentioned about making blankets? Or have I not mentioned it it yet? If not, I will be making 6 blankets all for various people, for various reasons, this wool is for one of those said blankets! 

And here we have it! I haven't used any of them yet so I'm yet to see what they are like to work with!

Brand: James C. Brett - Top Value
Colours from Top Left to Bottom Right: ( I tried looking for the colours but they only come up with the numbers! Even on their site! So I'll describe them to you!)

Lime Green, Dusty Grey, Royalish Purple, Cream, Dark Brown and a Light Pink. 

These will all be used for a blanket which I hope to start soon, my fingers are itching to get started on it, but I need to finished this one I'm doing at the moment for next month! 

You might be able to see the colours better in this picture but still not very good! Once I have done a square, I shall keep you all up to date with what is happening with all the blankets and my progress, and you should be able to see the colours a little better! 

Will post later! 

Happy Crafting! 

Much love, 



Thursday, 23 July 2015

Cute Drawstring Bag

 Bail Me Out - All Time Low ♫ 

Hey everyone!

How are we? 

I thought I would post up the progress with the bags that I we're making a couple of days ago, I manage to cut up a lot of material for it, the same material that I will tell you the story about. I was going to do the lining, but I got mixed up between two patterns and had to learn all over again how to use a sewing machine - but my mum helped me, which was nice cause I don't get to spend much time with her, so it was lovely :) 

I quickly remembered and learnt again how to use a sewing machine, not used one since I left school...5 years ago ;) 

So here's the drawstring bag that I started a couple of days ago, I sadly forgot to put the lining in (The bright pink flowery material) this happened because I was reading one pattern online, then went back to it the next day and it was a different pattern but by the same person, I just didn't look hard enough. 

I don't think I did too bag for my first attempt at making a bag, I love it so much and can't wait to get making some more of them - Basically making project bags, as I have quite a few projects to do this year! It's going to be a busy one, as well as keeping up on the other blogs, new job and college, but I promise I will update as often as possible!

There's a nice bit of room in the bag though. The bag so far holds; three balls of wool, a mini sewing kit and my crocheting hooks and back for them. The wool and everything are still in a carrier bag. simply because the material is old and a bit "fusty" so it needs to be washed. 

The material was my Nan's that she bought years ago but never used, she recently passed away after battling with Dementia for around 4 years. I miss her terribly and think that putting this material to use as well as her sewing machine is what she would of wanted and she would of been happy and proud that I am now learning. I knew that she used to be a seamstress, but recently learnt she used to be one within House Of Fraser before it changed all those years ago. 

My Nan used to always knit my jumpers and cardigans and I still have them from all those years ago, she then taught my mum and auntie when they we're young and I have slowly learnt over the years how to make things as well, I taught myself how to crochet, my Nan could - but by the time I wished to learn it was too late with her Dementia. Through my Mum and Nan, I learnt how to Sew, draw, colour, bake and overall just to be creative and I am so thankful for what they have taught me over the years. 

I miss my Nan so much, but when I make these bags out of the material she had, I can't help but feel that a bit of her is with me :) xx 

So here it is! The finished bag! Mum helped me as well as this lovely blog post...
Love Me Sew's - Drawstring bag Pattern

The original sizes for the material was 14.5 inches x 11 inches, though I decided this would be too small for a blanket project and decided to up the sizes to 16 inches x 14 inches. Which made the bag perfect, I had enough room for what needed to go in it and there was also extra room for the 1cm seem allowance all the way around the bag. 

I was going to use some different material for the drawstring, but found some lovely lilac ribbon instead, which I find looks a lot nicer and the colours are lovely together. The material in white and like a sea green pinstriped bag, which gives it the feel of  a large paper sweet bag :) Which I love so much. 

If you wish to make one of these yourself head on over to the link above and give it ago. If you wish to make it a little bigger, I will post the tutorial later at some point with the changes that I made to the original pattern. All credit goes to Love Me Sew, as well my mum ;) <3

Hope you enjoyed this post, have you seen what I have done with the blog? It looks more homey, which I just adore! 

Stay tuned & Much love

x x x

Monday, 20 July 2015

Late Night Tacking And a Welcoming!

 She's Kinda Hot - 5 Seconds of Summer ♫ 

Hi & Welcome!

Hey there! Welcome to the new blog, if you have heard of me before then Hi!! 

If not my Name is Emma, I'm not new to blogger or the world of blogging. I've had a book review page for around 5 years, and I've started up two new blogs recently in the past couple of years which are to do with my Cake Decorating. I am the creator and owner of Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic :D

Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic - The original blog for the one and only, Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic. Find out what we've been creating, information, updates and recipes.

The Life of Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic - Here you will find what's happening on the inside, from the creator and owner of Sprinkle, Sparkle and Magic - Me!

Tinks Books and Reviews - You guessed it! All the books I have ever read and their reviews are all on this blog. My oldest blog <3 


So this blog has been born and will be soon "christened" with it's first post! It's birthday will be set in stone and we will be all good to go! If you've not guessed by the title of the blog, I do like my music, as well as my crafts! Any music really, but mostly rock ;) I know some people may think that 5SOS isn't a rock band, but they're more rocky than that's in the charts, so you can't really complain, well, you can. I'm also going add the song I'm listening to at the time all the way up at the top of the blog! :) 

I decided to create this page, simply because I do quite a lot of crafts and I don't have anywhere to put my progress or my finished products, and I thought what better way than to create a blog, so here I am. With my fourth blog! 

At the moment, right at this very moment, I am tacking materials together so I can make some lovely drawstring bags tomorrow, Mum's helping as I haven't used a sewing machine for a while, most of my sewing has been done by hand, which I don't mind! But I'm on a rather tight time limit.  

I'm also in the process of making 4 blankets, so I need some project bags making up! I have got a grand total of 7 blankets to do at the moment, but I shall post more about that tomorrow :) 

So here's what I've started today, after some false starts I've managed to find a good and easy pattern, I love the material, which I will tell you more about tomorrow, such beautiful colours and vintage with a real love and also has sentimental meanings too it.

You can see the process with what is happening here. I did the green pinstriped one first, then once that was cut to size, tacked it onto the other fabric which is a pink flower patterned fabric. And then kept alternating. 

Till I had all four finished sheets! I am currently doing the second fabrics for the second bag, then I am getting off to bed! 

Till tomorrow, 

Sleep tight everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read the first blog post! 

Much love,