Monday, 12 October 2015

Misty Mornings and Warm Nights

Afternoon everyone! How are we all today? 

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. B and I had a busy weekend what with moving his family about and what not, though I can happily say that it was a safe move and everything and everyone are okay. The new house is lovely, though Mr. B would like it in the future - should the opportunity ever arise. It's all vintage and lovely. 

How does everyone feel about empty rooms? 

I've been helping clean the old house whilst Mr. B and others sorted moving things from one house to another, I've always thought of it as a nice thing empty rooms when you're moving. A new start and a new leaf to create new adventures and that exciting times wait ahead, though that maybe just me. 
Do you think that too? 

Over on the crochet side of things, I've been working up a storm with these lovely colours! They're for two different projects going on at the moment, the Autumnal colours are for my scarf and the other is for a secret. I just love these colours and think they work well together (for the projects)

It was a very busy weekend but was lovely to see his brother and finance, I've got so many projects to do at the moment I just don't know where to turn! I've been looking at opening up an Etsy shop at the moment which I am quite excited about though I need to look up insurance first. 

I will post another one a bit later but for now I need to get cracking on with all these beautiful projects! Ahh so much to do so little time! 

Much love
Happy Crafting!

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