Thursday, 1 October 2015

A New Leaf

Evening everyone, how are we all? 

Don't you just love October? I know I do, the smell of rain, digging all the woollies out to keep you warm, hot chocolate (with Bailey's if you're offering) Craft fairs, chestnuts, bonfires, toffee apples, the colours, crunching leaves and lovely chilly (but wrapped up) walks in the woods. 

How I do love Autumn!

September has been and gone and what a lovely month it was, if you can account for me leaving my new job as wonderful - which I do! As there we're some major issues and I just couldn't stay and I'm a lot happier. Some people may think that I have made things worse for myself, but I have to do what makes me happy, not what makes other people happy!

The month was filled with my 21st, my cousins 16th, plenty of walks with Mr. B, Crochet catch up with Jess and lots of soups and sunsets, it was beautiful and I now can't wait for the remaining months of the year!

I recently went to the local yarn shop and got myself some goodies with my birthday money (only the bottom three are for me! the top are for an outstanding order) 

I love the little yarn shop, it is such a gem and the women who run it are ever so lovely and welcoming. I could spend hours in there, so could mum and Jess for that matter! 
On to the yarns shall we? 
So from top to bottom - Left to right, we have... 

Mint - Patons Fab DK 
White - Hayfield Bonus DK
Gold - Stylecraft Special DK
Copper - Stylecraft Special DK
Claret - Stylecraft Special DK

Such lovely Autumn colours aren't they? I'm in the process of making myself a scarf, hoping that I can get some use out of it before Christmas haha I know I start to late! I need to get cracking, but I've been so busy with other order for people that I just haven't had time to make anything for myself. 

The Patons Mint - I adore, it's so nice to work with and is so soft and squidgy. Although I have already bought some Stylecraft Special, I haven't yet used it so I was quite excited to start using the Autumn shades straight away! What with all the rave. 

Bit dark I know! Will post another one soon! 

Anyway - I thought that the yarn was very, very soft and smooth to start with, it feels lovely and is quite a gem to work with. However I am used to yarns a little, how to put it, less slippy? I do love it and I will use it again for sure, but at the moment I still love my Patons Fab just a bit too much, but that's just me! Non the less, I just LOVE these colours for the Autumn scarf, just can't get enough! 

Mr. B and I are off to York tomorrow to help out his eldest brother move house, they're expecting next month and I am ever so excited! Probably a little too excited! I just want to crochet so many things for them but I must try and back off a little haha I'm sure Jenny will want to make some stuff too! Ooh I just can't wait! 

I had snuggles earlier with that little cutie, he didn't used to be, he's calmed down a lot since he's got older ;) Love him though! Little Biscuit!

I'm starting to get into the October spirit now, I do love Halloween it's just my favourite time ever! Although I am quite sad as I've lost my Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, one of my all time favourite authors and I just can't find it anywhere! It's such a great read and was really looking forward to be reading it again this Autumn! I shall just have to find another one somewhere.

Toffee apple's and this new book (I have had it on my shelf for about 3-4 years and only just picked it up! Doing the Off the Shelf challenge this year with Goodreads!) And it is quite good, I'm not usually that keen on Crime books but, since Mr. B bought me that one for my Birthday last year I am starting to get into them. Needed something remotely Halloween-ish to read! I like to go by the theme of the months! 

In other news, the other blanket is coming along nicely and should hopefully be ready! 
I have got 60 / 100 Squares so far and only need to do 20 more of each colour - though I had to go out and buy another Mint and I'm starting to think I'm going to have to do the same for the Lemon. Damn, don't think I'll get 20 with what I have left but we'll soon see! 
For now though, I must crack on with some more squares! 

Much love as always, 

Happy Crafting!

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