Thursday, 3 September 2015

What I'm doing now

Afternoon everyone, 

how are we all feeling today? 

It's just a quick post as I've got so much to do (crochet wise) I also need to get back to the cake blog today and update some posts seeing as I've been straying away from it for a little bit. 

I'm happy to say that I'm currently off for a few days so there will be more posts coming this week, back on Sunday mind you. But then I'm off again for the 8th as I start back up at college again for my Second year of cake decorating! So excited, it's come round so quick! Will be so happy to get back, hope I've not forgot anything ;) 

Today consists of turning these 89 1st rounds...

Into these 2nd rounds, so I'm hoping to get as much done as possible! Though sadly, I've forgotten my darning needle and I'm running out of the Cream, so I can only complete so many squares, shall have to see if Mr. B can nip me up to the wool shop ;) I'm sure he will if I give him the petrol money haha 

I finished all the first rounds last night, together now; in total I have all 126 pieces, though there all at different stages. 

89 1st Rounds
23 2nd Rounds
4 3rd Rounds
10 Completed Squares. 

But I do have all the 126, so I don't have to make anymore at the moment, which is one thing ticked off the list. Hopefully if I get a load done today I will be able to possibly finish the whole thing this week! Ahh exciting times!

I'm then off again next week on the 10th - 11th as It's my birthday and I have plans to celebrate my 21st! An Asda chocolate birthday cake is in order, the same one as every year! It's so nice though!! Especially with some cream poured over a wedge :) 

Jess is hopefully coming around again next week for another Crochet Catch up, which will be nice. She's wanting to start a baby blanket too which is good! I made some bunting the other day for my mum to put up in the caravan, she loves it!

I will post more later but for now I need to get cracking on with stuff! 

Much love as always
Happy Crafting! 

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