Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Crochet Catch Up!

Hey everyone! 
How are we all? 

I meant to post this up a few days ago, but I've just been so busy that i haven't had the time! 

Last week one of my all time best friends came around, as she wanted me to teach her how to crochet, which I was more than happy to do. I went straight to the point and taught her how to make a Solid Granny Square straight away, which wasn't easy at first and she was adamant that she won't be able to do it....

But after the night, she ended up making 6! And now she's getting the hang of it and loving it, which I am so happy about!!

It was such a nice evening and night, filled with wine, laughs, films and a good old catch up with Crochet. She ended up staying over and we just chatted until really early hours which was nice, as I don't see her often and we we're so close growing up as kids. It was lovely!

Jess started making this lovely row of Double Crochet stitches, they're such lovely colours. Next stop is teaching how to change colours neatly and the Sunburst Granny Square! 

I can't wait! We're hopefully meeting up again for a 'Crochet Catch up' Next week after I've started my first day on my second year of college, cause I have the day of work, or I should do! Then I'm off for the 10th-11th as I've got my 21st and things planned, Can't wait! 

Bit dark - But Jess even crocheted my a chain bracelet! It's too cute, in my fave colour too! 

And there we have it, lesson one a success! 

I will post more soon, but I am going to crack on with some 1st rounds to finish off the 126 Sunburst Grannies, and then I'm at work in the day tomorrow *Cries* Will post some more tomorrow!

Much love 
Happy Crocheting!

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